Our Mission

  • Align with learning, career development, and logistical needs of the mid and senior-level professional services executive
  • Advance the strategic recruitment, development, and retention goals of our corporate partners
  • Provide scalability, single points of accountability, and managerial oversight
  • Guarantee clients the services of professional coaches with extensive field expertise and deep familiarity with communication and cross cultural disciplines
  • Demonstrate and document measurable returns on investment

Our Vision

Our Values

  • Our clients must be given the best possible service with every program. We will be responsive, honest, respectful, and efficient with client resources.
  • Our trainers and coaches must be committed to excellence. Springboards commits to a supportive and professional partnership with all members of its team.
  • Our business ethics must be consistent with the Christian faith of the owner, that Springboards glorifies God in all it does.

Founder's Message

Nadia Nassif

Founder & CEO

Since the founding of Springboards in 2008, I have often been asked about the meaning behind the third Our Values statement, "Glorify God", which originally appeared under our Mission Statement in previous versions of the website. These enquiries merit an explanation, which I provide below.

What does it mean?

As the statements in "Our Mission" offer, Springboards was originally founded in response to several market needs. Thus, early on, I understood Springboards had vast potential to be great—and its accountability for excellence would be even greater! As a Christian founder, I have believed that “excellence in service” is an ethic fundamental to my faith and a mark of responsible business stewardship. It is also an indicator of appreciation, respect, and gratitude for our clients and their business. As a leader, I set the pace for the business and all members of the team, and strive to do so with excellence.

The Springboards "Glorify God" statement, therefore, has a two-fold purpose: (1) to create public accountability for the conduct of our services; and, (2) to express gratitude to God, who I wish to thank for Springboards, our business and our favorable track record over the years.

What does it not mean?

"Glorifying God" in the marketplace does not mean that we promote Christian themes or language in any areas of our service. The placement of this statement is limited to the website. It is also not a tool for proselytism or the promotion of the Christian faith, and it is not part of our hiring process; Springboards is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an SDO-certified Woman-Owned Business. Springboards has always stressed the business ethics in connection to this statement, namely the commitment to excellence.

Making an early decision to include the “Glorify God” statement on the Springboards website has created a culture of excellence, accountability, feedback, and mutual respect within the Springboards community. Our clients and coaches feel valued and have freedom to bring Springboards to task if we are not living up to the ethics underlying the statement. If on any point there is disagreement, confusion, or a question, members are invited to contact me directly (see below).

Thank you for making the time to read this explanation and learn more about Springboards. If you have questions, comments, or wish to contact us regarding our “Glorify God” statement, please click here, and I will personally respond.

Yours in Service,

Nadia Nassif
Founder & CEO